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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Mountain Fat Bike (MTFB)
Since its Tuesday I'll make believe the lack of post yesterday was due to a 3 day weekend. It was not. But it was partly due to a bike ride so thats kinda close.
After last Wednesday when I over cooked it a bit, then was a bit sick I was not sure how my riding was going to go this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised to get almost 8 hours in counting Monday morn.

Im feeling better on the bike with every ride. This week I will try a longer ride again. Maybe tomorrow. I feel if I just lose about 10 pounds I will be back in the game. At least as far into the game a 53 year old Clydesdale can get. It will be a bit yet before I get there but at least I know I can now.

Im a bit unsure of what I want to do for a MTB. The Superfly I want is out to July. I could wait for it. Or I could get a Felt today. Or I could wait till August, just a month longer and get a 2014 Superfly. That makes the most sense with Treks demo program.
But if I do that I will go most of the summer without a MTB. Unless you count the fatbike. Then its a Mountain Fat Bike, or MTFB for short.
Really, when you put these bikes in "summer mode" they are slower than a cross country rig but not by as much as you think.
When you run the lighter stuff on them I think they are fast enough to become a trail rig. Not the fastest thing in the woods but doable.

I checked out the first WORS race with the new fatbike category and was disappointed to see only 8. That will change I hope. However, if I do race that bike it most likely will not be in that category. Its a open category and those guys looked fast on paper. I'll stay in Clyde.

So Im unsure really of what I want to do this summer. I really do not see me going an entire summer without a fast MTB. But with the three options I think waiting for a early 2014 makes the most sense. Im sure I'll change my mind.

I always do.


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