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Friday, October 18, 2013


Since the death of my blog I could not even get on this site to post. My IT guy has snuck me back in.
My blog has since moved to wordpress. I cant begin to tell you the crap I had to go thru to get my domain back from google. Very long story. Two weeks later, today, my domains has just now been transferred to godaddy. And I will have way more control over them. This should not happen again.

In the meantime, I have been trying to get used to wordpress. Ive been on googles blogger now for almost 10 years. And for google, this blogger is really a afterthought. Wordpress is much more reliable. And you have more control.

So, here are the two domains I now have :

This is already forwarded to wordpress and is working right now. However, it will go thru some maintenance in the next day or so.

this is the original that google lost. I did find out today that the transfer to godaddy has just completed and it should be pointing to the new blog by monday.

So hopefully monday I will be up and running on wordpress 100%.

I do have a few weird test posts up. Use the .net address to go there. And keep in mind that it will be going thru some maintenance the next day or so.

After about a week this blog will be deleted. Along with the google account.

See ya on the other side.....


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