Friday, May 24, 2019

Fata Morgana

So the other day I saw another Fata Morgana over Lake Michigan. The second time in my life. The first time was just a few years ago. But in my 59 years Ive never seen this before that. The pics on blogger are smaller than the ones on Wordpress but all you have to do is click on them to get a better look.

This phenomenon is very rare. Im not sure what it takes to trigger this but you can read more in the link above. 
Since I hit up the lake almost every day I get kinda pumped to see this stuff.

On the bike front I did get to ride Reforestation Camp in Green Bay. Its nice to ride somewhere different now and then. As I rode I could remember some spots for racing there 10 years ago. Memories.

Looks like a nice weekend coming up. Three day weekend. Hope to get out and ride.


Thursday, May 23, 2019

Im Back Over Here Again

So Im on a new blog thats my old blog. I switched from Googles Blogger to WordPress in 2013. My Wordpress blog is dead. I was acually paying $100 per year for it. So I decided to revert back to everything that is Google and low and behold, my old blog was still accessible. The wonders of google.

I do find this easier to use and I enjoyed going back a ways to see what I wrote years ago. These are posts that I have not seen since I wrote them. Some back in 2009. 10 years gone by. 

So here I go back on this blog. While my life has changed quite a bit I still will have lots of nice pics. I enjoy that. And will have a lot more riding to post about with my new found time.

Gone will be the posts about bike shop stuff. But my summer plans to hit up pretty much every trail system in Wisco will more than replace that. As soon as it stops snowing up in the northern part of this State I'll be heading up there almost every weekend. 
So much to ride and now so much time to ride it.
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Im off!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Thats my store there across the river. Tuesdays are my long ride days and I happened to spend a couple hours south, then a hour north.
So I snuck past the store passing thru town.

It was one of those rides where you had a lot of time and no where to go. So I tooled around in the woods. Tooled around the city for some urban assault.  Put down 15 miles out in the country roads too.Perfect cross bike ride.

Ended up with almost 3 hours of saddle time. Took a tour of the city park we held our MTB race in on Sunday. Considering we were battling wet conditions it was in pretty good shape.
I was pleasantly surprised to find very little work is needed.

Im really liking the cross bike. But I think its going for sale. And if I do end up selling I will get a Felt carbon frame for Ultegra Di2. Mechanical disc brakes.

Dont get me wrong, the Sram Red 22 hydo stuff is great. And light. But Im just spoiled with the Di2 stuff. Im not going to put it on the floor or anything. Just word of mouth. If I dont sell it thats fine too. I'll keep riding it. Its a nice bike.

Soon the group will be riding in winter mode. All the road bikes get put away. And all the people with cross bikes get them out. And if no cross bike then they ride their MTB. So cross bikes rule until its cold enough to ride on the frozen beach. Then I put away this pretty cross bike and ride my disc trucker tour bike, with all the racking off it.
 Im still bummed I did not use it this year. My so called busy Fall just would not let me. But someday. Im still tossing some stupid idea of a small tour after my daughters wedding, maybe the last week of Oct.
That will be a credit card tour. Hotel only. Too cold for this kid to camp.
Time will tell. If the weather is anything like it is today I'll leave in a heartbeat.

Sunny and 60's. I'll take it. Get outside. The leaves are falling and the clock is ticking.